This page is for Ms Turner's Diploma Language B students

This course aims to:

1. develop students' intercultural understanding
2. encourage, through the study of texts and social interaction, an awareness and appreciation of the different perspectives of people from other cultures
3. develop students' awareness of the relationship between the languages and cultures with which they are familiar
4. enable students to understand and use the language they have studied in a range of contexts and for a variety of purposes

The HL Curriculum:

Key Command terms at DP:

1st September 2015: A reminder for students to have their presentations ready on the topic of migration for tomorrow's class.

Monday 23 November
I am not in school today so please complete the newspaper article and send this to me.

If you have finished this please continue reading the next article in the handout I have given you on Leisure and answer the questions.

Chinese New Year Work

For those students who have been absent, this work should be completed over the holidays: Read all of Book Two and answer the questions. Please refer to the summaries to help you gain an understanding of the text: